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Whether you're a first-time home buyer, relocating to Portland, moving up or an investor; a plan of action impacts results. One size doesn't fit all! Let's connect and talk about your unique situation to create a successful home buying plan for you.

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Schedule a one-on-one free planning and goal-setting session with us so you can begin your home buyer journey with as experienced Portland Buyer's agent on your side.

Get your finances ready

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Small steps like avoiding new major purchases, not opening new lines of credit, saving up for a down payment, and building up your credit score by being on-time with existing payments and utilizing only a small portion of available credit goes a long way to preparing you for loan approval.

Do you need to sell to buy? Receive a free market analysis with our expert listing agent here!

Seek Pre-Approval

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It's important to know what a reasonable budget is for your search. You can get a rough idea of what you can expect using our mortgage calculator, and then speak to a mortgage lender when you're ready to buy to become pre-approved. We also provide home-buyer planning sessions free of charge so you can use our expertise to better understand the market and what the ideal house for you might look like.

Location location location

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What neighborhood fits your goals best? Consider proximity to work, the local conveniences, crime rates, schools, transportation, etc. We are top Buyer's Agents serving Clackamas County and greater Portland area neighborhoods - so please reach out so we can narrow down where your ideal spot is. Check out our area guides for helpful overviews.

Dream a Little

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What does your dream home look like? What are the must-haves? What would be nice, but you could live without or add later? Spend some time writing these down so as your Buyer's agent we can find the perfect home for you. You can also utilize our perfect home finder form.

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