Are you making your landlord rich?

Are you making your landlord rich? Should You Wait Until Spring To Sell Your Home. Oregon Choice Group. Portland Area Buyers Agents. Buyers Advocates in the Portland Oregon Region. Trusted Realtors for Home Buyers.

You are always paying someone’s mortgage, why not have it be yours? When you rent, your hard-earned money is building someone else’s wealth. Is it time to turn it around and secure your own future?¬†¬†Oregon Choice Group are buyer’s side agents, meaning we listen! We work hard to help you achieve YOUR dreams.

Landlords are often making thousands of dollars a year in pure profit – that you contribute to! We can help change that. Let’s schedule a free consultation to see if it is the right time in your life to break free and invest for your own benefit. This nerd wallet calculator is a handy tool to just get an idea of your situation, and we would love to walk through it with you and discuss a game plan for your success.

We are the Portland real estate experts who are on YOUR side through your home journey. It would be an honor to be Your Trusted Real Estate Choice.